Aug 20, 2013

100 Heads in 100 Days #85 - The Tree Namer

In the deep forest of the Allgreen, there lives an unusual Elf
He is unlike any other Elf alive, as he has gone quite insane
His hair is cut strange, and he wears weird clothes
And he is wonderfully petrified of the rain.

He is the Tree Namer, a title he granted himself one day
As it suggests, he goes around the Allgreen
Giving names to all of the trees above his own height
All trees he has given names, from his home to the fast ravine

Connor, Melissa, Simon. Brent, Francine and Tamara
He knows each tree by sight, each of them his friend
He watches over the trees to come, their names forming in his mind
He will protect and tend to them; until, alone, they can fend

How did The Tree Namer come to be?
Nobody really knows
His heart is in the right place
Though his mind is far away
The trees he names are safe with him
Their names given they will recall
Long after he is gone, left without a trace

100 Heads in 100 Days #85
The Tree Namer... I hate this drawing.

Me Fact #85
I get hives this time of year. They're #!(*£^& annoying. I get them around my knees mostly. This is a fairly recently occurrence, maybe the last 3-4 years. Steph gets them too. We can't work out why we have started getting them. They're easily remedied though, if I could remember to buy the blasted pills that stop them pretty effectively.

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