Aug 17, 2013

100 Heads in 100 Days #82 - Mr. Tumble

In one of the more gentle Realms of Faerie, where life is long and contented, there is an odd little fellow of small size and extensive years that spends his days walking here, there and, if the weather is kind, everywhere in between. His name is, simply, Mr. Tumble. With his trusty walking stick, he sets out every morning and usually begins with a warm-up stroll around his township of Wickerwove before moving on to the surrounding areas.
He stops often, to chat to a rook on a fence post, or perhaps to lunch with a family of squirrels beneath his favourite Maple tree.
Mr. Tumble loves to talk of one thing, and one thing alone: the weather. He'll always open a conversation with a comment about the current state of the weather, be it "lovely day we're having" or "there's rain in those clouds over yonder" or something along those lines.

Mr Tumble may seem unique, but really, there's somefaerie very much like him in every township in Faerie. The human world also has its Mr. Tumbles. All of them are harmless, fine for a quick chat, but the endless weather discussion can wear the nerves down after a while. It is best, if you haven't the time to chat, to simply give a friendly wave or a warm nod of your head as you approach them and don't slow your pace. Better still, cross the street or duck behind a bush and hope he hasn't seen you.

It is also vitally important that you never take too much personal interest in weather yourself, or you will turn into a Mr. Tumble too!

100 Heads in 100 Days #82
Mr. Tumble
Me Fact #82
I can never decide which season I like the most, they all seem to have their own charms. I know it definitely isn't summer, though the comfort it brings is nice. Spring is a delight, of course, especially early in the season. I find Autumn very appealing, I love the smell of rotting leaves and looking for fungi in the woods. The starkness of Winter is full of mystery, especially on a grey and still afternoon. I think I lean to late Autumn and early Winter, when it isn't yet freezing and there is still light enough for a long walk with the dog. We both find Hazel nuts for him to eat and we pause as the bird calls through the trees. I'm looking forward to those times coming soon.

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