Aug 16, 2013

100 Heads in 100 Days #81 - Chuckball

For the majority of the species found in Faerie, sporting events hold very little interest to them. The general consensus being that pastimes like these are frivolous and best left for children.

There are, however, exceptions. The Ernian race is one of these. They love sports, the more violent and pointless the better. They are a stupid race, made stupider still by the countless blows to the head they receive in their sporting pursuits.
The favoured sport of the Ernians is a game called Chuckball, which they invented long ago. The rules are simple, for simple beings. There is one ball and two players. Each contestant picks a landmark as their target and the distance between them is then measured. Once the middle distance between the two targets is established, a coin is flipped to see who will have the first turn.
The object of the game is to hit your target with the ball. Each player takes a turn, throwing from where the other player's previous shot landed. The targets are usually set great distances apart, sometimes miles away from each other.
And so it goes, back and forth, each player throwing the ball as hard and far as they can, sometimes only gaining mere inches as they go back and forth. The winner wins nothing other than bragging rights and the honour of whatever glory they perceive they have earned, which to the casual observer appears to be next to nothing.
Most games don't even reach completion, fighting usually breaks out long before either player gets anywhere near to their target. Some say that the whole game of Chuckball was invented for the single purpose of legitimising the opportunity for Ernians to beat each other senseless.
Whatever the reason, Chuckball is a tradition for the Ernians and they take it very seriously. It's about the only thing they do take seriously...

100 Heads in 100 Days #81
An Ernian Chuckballer
Me Fact #81
I would love to, one day, get all of the current masters of Faerie art together and make a book about their/our thoughts on Faerie. With names like Brian Froud, Alan Lee, Larry MacDougall and Jean-Baptiste Monge, not only would it be a beautiful book, but I think it would be rather interesting to read.
My head is full of crazy ideas like this.

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