Aug 13, 2013

100 Heads in 100 Days #78 - The Fwarewees

Far below the Elven cities in the treetops of the Forever Wood, but just above the fern and moss covered ground too, live the Fwarewees. The Fwarewees are frivolous little winged creatures who burrow holes in the trunks of the great Lord Oaks that house thousands of beings. They see no harm in it, if they ever give it even a moment's thought at all.

Fwarewees, with their minute wings that move at the speed of a bee's, appear to have nothing better to do than flutter from tree to tree, and talk incessantly to one another about things that nobody could ever possibly care about.

Fwarewees are good at one thing alone, evasion from predators. Even the Elves above them cannot seem to catch them, nor the Neandertrolls that have such prowess with the Fwarewee's distant cousins, the Flower Faeries. It is unknown how they manage to evade even the greatest of hunters, one theory is that they have the ability to become insubstantial at any chosen moment, so no weapon can harm then, no trap catch them.

Apart from that, the Fwarewees seem to be entirely inconsequential. They whiz around the trees and foliage, with no obvious reason for anything they do. Danu must have been in an odd mood when she created the Fwarewees.

100 Heads in 100 Days #78
A Fwarewee
Me Fact #78
I'd love to visit Devon in south-west England, mostly to hopefully meet Brian Froud and Alan Lee, but also to see the countryside that inspired a great deal of their work.
It's not a case of me wanting to stalk Messers Froud and Lee, I promise... ... ... maybe it's a little bit about that.

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