Aug 12, 2013

100 Heads in 100 Days #77 - The Snorg

The Snorg

The tale of The Snorg is long and sorrow filled, and no being can tell it all in even a handful of sittings. It is a tale as old as the lakes and hills he formed, his great feet carving out valleys and caves as he went along his searching way. Before him lay old worlds, in his wake, land formed anew.

The Snorg was the last of his kind. The last of the giant Fellorgon beasts to ever shape the realms of Faerie. But he did not know that, nor would he believe it to be so. He walked the realms of Faerie, seeking out his family, never seeing, never knowing. His cries of grief formed the clouds, his tears the seas.

Danu, the great goddess, heard her child's pain from afar, and knew the heavy words she must speak to him. She came to him as he hunkered in a valley of stone, a fresh river running from his dark eyes.

'Your search is in vain, poor Fellorgon, my sweet. There are none but yourself remaining in these realms of mine. The others lie in rest, all about you. See, that mountain ahead of you, that is your father, dear Shoom. Your mother lies to the west of this place, and your sisters to the east.'

The Snorg sobbed as he looked upon the towering mountains around him. His eyes lightened a little as he saw them, his long lost family, lost in the ages beyond reckoning.

In his deep voice he said, 'Then I shall rest here too, for it is a comfort to be among my family once more. This will be known as the Fell Lands from this day, and the winds will speak our story, for as long as the wind remain.'

With that, The Snorg rested his head on his front legs and gave a great sigh. Danu watched as his enormous body turned to rock and wood. She sighed as well, then, saddened and happy at the same time. She turned from his side and walked back to her home, leaving the Fell lands to those who would find them and call them home, among the great Fellorgon, with The Snorg at their core.


100 Heads in 100 Days #77
The Snorg
Me Fact #77
I keep all of my favourite trinkets on some shelves next to my side of the bed. There's a bunch of Gnomes, some Otters, Badgers, Knights, a Wendy Froud figure and an assortment of Faerie odds and ends. It's a pain to dust them all.

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