Aug 8, 2013

100 Heads in 100 Days #73 - New books

I've picked up a few very nice books in the last couple of days that I thought I might show off here. Because, you know, again, I can!
First up, I ordered this one through the bookshop:
'The Celtic Twilight'
There's two reasons I picked this one up. Firstly, it has that Brian Froud cover. A Brian Froud cover makes any book better, I find. Secondly, William Butler Yeats is a great Faerie Lorist (is 'lorist' a word?). I have a 1906 copy of his 'Fairy & Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry' which is one my more precious books. I've also got a 1999 copy of The Celtic Twilight, but this new edition is much nicer. It's a very short book though, and pretty disjointed, but it's still good quality Faerie Lore, nonetheless.

The other book I got is this bad boy:
Les Armes du Meta-Baron
It's a French book, which in my experience is a very good thing. They really know how to design and produce a quality book. This one is no exception. It is a hardcover, 48 page comic, about half of which has illustrations like this by Travis Charest:
His work in it is stunning. I'll be looking at it a lot over the coming weeks. I might even try to track down the English version of it so that I can read what the heck everybody in it is saying...

100 Heads in 100 Days #73
Master Samwise Gamgee

Me Fact #73
I only give money to animal and environment charities. It's a personal choice I make. I would simply rather support animals and nature over humans. We humans hurt animals and nature, I would like that to stop, so I support charities that do try to do just that.

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