Aug 6, 2013

100 Heads in 100 Days #71 - Elven races

I'm back on Elves today, with a look at some of the Elven races and subspecies that I have developed for my Realms of Faerie.

I love coming up with races and their histories, the stories that make them what they are. It's my greatest writing strength and I never tire of it. Names, places, tales, this is what I love to do. Drawing these things almost comes secondary at times when I am writing well. But really it's all just part of the tapestry I want to create. Some of it is creating things with words, some of it is depicting them in pictures. It's a package deal that I hope will attract publishers in the future.

Anywho, let's get to some Elven folk, shall we?

Fernfrond Elves
Fernfrond Elves are a race of forest dwellers. They are perhaps the most peaceful of all Elf races. They spend their days in deep meditation and are skilled healers. They are susceptible to attack from outside forces, so are heavily dependent on other Elven races for protection. Fernfrond Elves usually reside within the territory of a larger forest Elf race. Because they are nonthreatening, they are allowed to reside as they are in exchange for the use of their healing aid whenever it is required.
Fernfrond Elves are tall and slender beings, with large, dark eyes and exude a tranquility that turns even the most hardened of hearts.

Wallowdeep Elves
The Wallowdeep Elven race chooses the deep and cavernous caves inside mountains as their domains. They have incredible light perception due to their surrounding, but they go practically blind when above ground, even at night. They use no fire, no glowing liquids or any other light giving source. One would think that their existence is dank and dreary, but this is not the case. They are masters at cave shaping and mining, perhaps even more so than the Dwarves, and live in splendour and comfort beyond many other surface dwelling races.
Wallwdeep Elves have no dealing with other Elves, they are an entity unto themselves. They are shorter and somewhat stockier, and their flesh is almost translucent. Their eyes are exceptionally large and they grow no hair.

Misthorn Elves
Misthorn Elves reside in the cold and wet hills of the northern uplands. They are a dreary race, prone to dark moods and perpetual illness. They are melancholic and morose and come quite close to being almost entirely solitary, a rare trait in Elves indeed. The hills and dales will echo with their horn music. They fashion wind instruments from fallen deer horns and are masters at atmospheric undertones. They do not use melodies as such, rather a series of long and mournful notes that intertwine and meld as they sing out over the mist-heavy land.
Misthorn Elves live in small holding of perhaps two or three small families. They are dull and depressing, a mirror of their surroundings.

Barnacle or Sea Elves
Barnacle Elves are Sea riders and ocean deep divers. They have developed breathing apparatus along the lines of gills that enables them to breathe under water for up to an hour before they need to resurface for air. They are also great ship makers and swimmers. Their fingers and toes have developed very thin webbing in between them.
Barnacle Elves live on purpose-built islands off the coast that are anchored to the seabed below to keep them from drifting. These islands are built from woven wood drift that passes by and are always in a transitional state of growth as more and more wood is added.
Barnacle Elves can vary in appearance considerably; their skin can vary from yellow to blue, with many of them green as well.

Tundra Elves
Tundra Elves are hardy warriors and resourceful beings. They live in a variety of terrains, but prefer open flatlands and arid deserts. In appearance, Tundra Elves are unusual. Their ears lie close to their heads and aren't as pointed; this being due to the usually windswept places they reside. Their eyes are smaller and less open, as the desert sun requires less light reception.
Tundra Elves are mostly nomadic, but if they come across a particularly good spot, they will overwinter or sometimes even establish settlements.

Summershine Elves
Summershine Elves are the Elves of the fields. These Elves are far smaller than all other Elves, reaching an average height of only a few feet. They live in the hedges between the fields in cunningly disguised holdings made of sod and twigs. Summershine Elves are a race of laughter and joy lovers, they delight in their field games and are friendly with all animals. Summershine Elves know nothing of war, of hate, of death.
Many Faerie scholars have argued on whether the Summershine Elves should even considered a race of Elf. Nobody actually knows the answer, not even the Summershine Elves themselves. Or do they?

This is the tip of the iceberg of the races of Elves I have come up with. They are all part of a grand plan I have to eventually write and illustrate a Realms of Faerie Bestiary. One day.

100 Heads in 100 Days #71
A Misthorn Elf
Me Fact #71
The worst job I've ever had was at a Pet shop. It was an absolute disaster and I didn't last very long in it. The amount of dead animals I saw in that time was pretty shocking, from countless fish, mice (often consumes by the mother) to a rabbit on my very first day. 
It is no place for an animal lover to work.

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