Aug 3, 2013

100 Heads in 100 Days #68 - Elves

As part of my ongoing look at Faerie and its many facets, I thought it might be interesting to look at individual races from Faerie. First up, we have one of my personal favourites...

On Faerie - Part 4: Elves 
I'm not going to go into the long history and origin of Elves here, suffice it to say that they are a Germanic mythological creature and were originally very different from what we think of them today. All of that information is easily available online.

What I do want to talk about is what I think they are and how they fit into my own vision of Faerie.

For me, an Elf is certainly some things, and definitely not others. Elves are most definitely not Orlando Bloom. Elves are definitely not the little impish things Enid Blyton wrote about. Elves certainly are in tune with nature, but not always in harmony with it.

Perhaps most importantly, there are many sub-species of Elf in my Faerie, most of the differing attributes are influenced by environment. For instance, the Winter Waste Elves are much hardier and robust than the more elegant and civilised Springhaven Elves.
One thing all Elves have in common is their adoration and worship of Danu, the Goddess of all. Elves genuinely believe themselves to be the firstborn of Danu and that she cherishes them above all others. This gives Elves, no matter where they live, a feeling of entitlement and superiority. Danu hates this and is constantly telling the Elves that she treats all of her creations the same. Obviously, the Elves don't believe this is true. Why would the Goddess give them such power and beauty above all other species if not because they are her favourites?

These delusions of grandeur, although sometimes entirely justified, have lead to some rather serious rivalries between Elf subspecies. Many wars have been fought over which particular subspecies is the 'true' Elven race, and who Danu loves over all other Elves.

As can be seen, many Elves are proud and jealous beings. Not all of them though. The Elves of the Green are mostly honourable and kind beings. On the other hand, Desert Elves are particularly vicious, and would slit your throat for even a drop of water.

The thing that Elves are most associated with is, of course, forests. This is very true in my Faerie as well. Most of my Elves are forest dwellers of some kind, but even with this there is a large amount of diversity throughout the subspecies and tribes of forest dwelling Elves.

I'm going to continue this look at Elves in a post in the very near future, where I'll present some of the species of Elves I have 'come up with' and their prevailing attributes.

100 Heads in 100 Days #68
A Sea Elf
Me Fact #68
When I was about 6, my father and I were kicking a football around (the AFL kind, not soccer) at a local school and I distinctly recall finding an awesome Han Solo blaster gun toy in a tree. I vividly recall feeling as though I'd just won the lottery. I took it home, played with it a bit; then my brother, Ryan, who must have been 3 or 4 at the time, broke it. I have never forgiven him for this. A couple of years later, he broke a toy bow and arrow set I had too. What a monster.

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