Jul 31, 2013

Spellbound Magazine roughs

I thought I might show some of the work I've been doing for one of the jobs I have on the go at the moment. I have three jobs that I'm attempting to juggle currently, but after the end of this week, that should go down to just one big job.
I'm producing a single illustration for Spellbound Magazine's Fall 2013 issue, which has the theme 'Creatures of the Deep Dark Woods.' 

Here's what the website says about the magazine:
Spellbound is a children’s fantasy e-zine published by Eggplant Literary Productions for kids 8-12 years of age.  Published quarterly, each issue contains stories, poetry, art and more all centered around a featured creature. 

So, with the topic in mind, I started developing ideas for the piece. I drew a lot of figures in a variety of poses and settings and slowly got closer to the core idea of the topic. I initially sent these two roughs for feedback or approval:

A Wood Wife
A Wood King
This is the sort of thing I love to draw, I can include elements I never tire of drawing: moss, standing stones with holes and markings on them and lots of trees.
They quite liked the Wood Wife piece, so I did a few variations of it for them to choose from:
Nanny Tree-Speaker
Grandmother Hare
They chose Grandmother Hare in the end, with a couple of slight alterations requested to make her look more like an actual hare.
I'll be working on the final version of this piece in the coming week; I have a deadline of August 9th for it, but I won't be able to show the finished piece until the magazine is released. But as soon as I have the go-ahead, I'll pop it up here.

It's back to a Head tomorrow, and my personal account of my encounter with a real Faerie or Faeries will also appear.


Somerset Wedding Gal said...

You have an incredible talent, these amazing drawings have totally captivated me! I especially like the Nanny Tree Speaker!

Jay Penn said...

That is very kind of you to say and much appreciated!