Jul 31, 2013

100 Heads in 100 Days #65 - The 31 Day Drawing Challenge ends

Today is the final day of the Galway Pub Scrawl 31 Day Drawing Challenge. The gang produced some fantastic art for it this year (not that they didn't last year) and I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to contribute more to the challenge this time around. But there's always next year!

Before next year, though, I'm sure our fearless leader, Mr. Donal Fallon, will cook something else up to keep us frayed at the edges. There's already whispers of this year's 24-hour comic drawing day. I'm on the fence about doing it this year. Some of you may recall that last year, I produced a children's book called 'Klogg the Troll.' I wasn't working at the time of doing that, but now that I have a full-time job this time around, it might be difficult to get to, but I would very much like to, I might even do a follow up story for Klogg.

Anyway, my congratulations go to all that were involved in the 31 Day Drawing Challenge.

100 Heads in 100 Days #65 / 31 Day Drawing Challenge #31
Toadstool Tom
This final 31 Day Drawing Challenge topic follows the tradition set down last year, the artist can draw anything they like. So I drew Toadstool Tom, naturally.

Me Fact #65
My parents, Pam and Noel, were born and brought up in Perth, Western Australia. The distance between Perth and Melbourne is about 2700km, or 1700 miles as the crow flies. That's about the same distance as London to Greece or New York to Mexico. Perth and Melbourne are very different places, as a result.


Jay Penn said...

Reserved for Suzanne Perrin.

WA_side said...

Haha, I was born and live in Perth - but my 19yo son has just moved to Melbourne! I think he fits the scene over there much more than Perth. I miss him being close, but I brought him up to be independent, so I know he'll be ok. And, who knows where he may go from there...

Jay Penn said...

Melbourne is quite simply the greatest city in the world. But I may be slightly biased, I guess.