Jul 27, 2013

100 Heads in 100 Days #61

I'm a little freaked that I've been at this for a whole 2 months now. It's good to be comfortably over the hump and rolling on down to the finish line. The stack of pieces of paper with all of the heads on them is pretty thick at this point. There's a lot of work in there, some I'm proud of, some rather sucky, but as a whole, a pleasing display.

100 Heads in 100 Days #61
... ?
I have absolutely no idea what is going on with this head. I think I was just running on auto-pilot when I did it. Most of the time I can come up with a nifty back-story for a character quite easily, but this guy is drawing a blank. Perhaps he is the boy with no past, who wonders the woods, fearful of leaving its borders...

Me Fact #61
I love stationery. Fancy pens, sturdy metal rulers with buffed edges, Notebooks that fit perfectly somewhere and are well made... I like finding protective covering for my books and art supplies too. My current craze is with cigar boxes. I work across from a busy café/sandwich bar/bottle shop/delicatessen sorta place. They sell cigars there and they give me the empty cases. They're all over the place here at the moment, holding things like brushes, paint tubes, bookmarks, books... I'm thinking of finding a way to take a few of them and make them into bigger boxes somehow, the possibilities then are very enticing!
I do wonder how I got so weird about this sort of stuff.

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