Jul 26, 2013

100 Heads in 100 Days #60 - Robert Hardy

I've just finished watching up to the end of Supernatural's 7th season. It's a great show, probably Top 5 shows for me. I think the writing is solid, varied and has a great balance between serious and funny. The casting is fantastic and the dialogue very fitting. There seems no end to the potential plots too, big and small.
And, as I mentioned to some friends the other evening at the Galway Pub Scrawl, it has, hands down, the best gag reels of all time.

100 Heads in 100 Days #60 / 31 Day Drawing Challenge #26
Robert Hardy as Siegrfried Farnon
Another of my favourite shows is 'All Creatures Great & Small,' as I've mentioned before. Today's Galway Pub Scrawl 31 Day Drawing Challenge is 'Favourite Actor/Actress in one of their roles and/or as a Zombie.' I pretty quickly thought of Robert Hardy as Siegfried Farnon in 'All Creatures...,' he's amazing in it, one of the most memorable characters of all time.
I don't think I got the likeness, but maybe the vibe...

Me Fact #60
My wife and I currently have no TV channels. Ireland 'went digital' a good while ago and we never bothered to get the converter box thingy to get the free channels. Mind you, we don't miss them, the stuff they put on the TV here is awful anyway. We survive quite happily on DVDs.

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