Jul 24, 2013

100 Heads in 100 Days #58 / 31 Day Drawing Challenge #24

I have the day off today. Here's what is on my list of jobs at the moment-
  • draw and ink another 14 images for the Adventure Dark & Deep Bestiary. I have produced artwork for the previous two books in the series, the Game Masters Toolkit and the Players Manual.
  • Finish painting the piece for the local fellow in Acrylics. Top priority.
  • Do a couple of varied roughs based on the initially approved idea for Spellbound Magazine.
  • Heads!
  • Write!
So much for a day off...

100 Heads in 100 Days #58 / 31 Day Drawing Challenge #24

Today's 31 Day Drawing Challenge is Bad Hair Day. I was initially going to go for just a big hairball with a couple of beady eyes visible, but this is what popped out instead. Sometimes you never know what is going to appear as you move the pencil around the page.

Me Fact #58
I went to art school for about 6 months straight after High School. Then I got a job and joined the real world. Art school, in my mind, can only teach you so much. The real lessons take years of practice and commitment.

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