Jul 23, 2013

100 Heads in 100 Days #57 - A gentle reminder

No time for the usual long-winded post today unfortunately, so I'll use this space to remind all of you cherished visitors to my little blog that all of these 100 Heads that I've been doing are available to lay claim to. It's the best deal in town too, because they won't cost you a single cent! Not even for postage! That's right, I am giving these little pictures away to whoever wants them. I'm bat-poop nutso, I am aware...

All I ask is that you don't get too greedy, I'm limiting this give-away to a maximum of 10 pieces per person. All you have to do to reserve the ones you want is to comment on the post that features the pieces you want. Now, sometimes this Blogger template like to mess around with folks and not show the comments section at the bottom of posts, but to defeat it, just hit F5 until it is vanquished.
Obviously, these pieces are one of a kind, so once somebody puts their name down for it, it's gone.
Have at it, say I!

Also, the 10 Troll Witch prints I was giving away are all gone now. My thanks go to everybody who put their hand up, I'll be emailing you shortly to sort out where to post them to. I'll be presenting another print on the 100th Head post, most likely. I'm thinking the Cthulhu piece.

100 Heads in 100 Days #57
Proudbeard (Not, I repeat, NOT, Alan Moore)
Me Fact #57
I make my own bookmarks. I made one about 10 years ago that featured various members of the Goblin Guard, or my version of them, at least. 
The thing is, for some reason, I used to spell 'guard' wrong back then, going for 'gaurd' instead. I sold these bookmarks at a bookshop back in the day, so there's a bunch of them out in the world with my bad spelling on them. This gives me nightmares.


Tim Shorts said...

Jay I would like to put my hand in for this one. I've already started writing the article that go along with pictures. Doing a rogues gallery of sorts or issue 5.

Jay Penn said...

It's yours. I didn't think this one would last long.
Let me know if you want better quality scans of the pics, looking forward to seeing them alongside your words!

WA_side said...

Proudbeard appears very regal here - I'd love to see him again in a more active setting.

Also, I'm in transport with my husband; This means I have to enter "mudguard" into our accounts at least 3 or 4 times every year, so even on the rare occasions when I get it right I still have to pause to check it as it has been wrong so many times. I guess I'm lucky though - our accountants would rarely drill down into specific detail.

Jay Penn said...

It makes me check every word I'm not sure of these days, so at least I learned a lesson from it. But, my goodness, the shame of it all!