Jul 14, 2013

100 Heads in 100 Days #48 - The March Hare

I'm participating in today's Galway Pub Scrawl 31 Day Drawing Challenge. It's been a good few days since I have, but this topic is much more up my alley - a Tea Party!

100 Heads in 100 Days #48 / 31 Day Drawing Challenge #14
The March Hare
I imagine a lot of folks doing this challenge will go for the obvious Alice's Adventures in Wonderland reference, and I am no exception. It is very tempting to draw a portrait of the Mad Hatter, but I'd bet a few people are going to do this, so I've gone for the March Hare instead.
I've always struggled with 'Carroll's' world. It should be the sort of thing I like, with it's multiple unusual characters and journey of growth (pun aware) for Alice, but something about it has always stopped me from truly enjoying it. Maybe it's the old-school language usage, maybe it's the absurdly deranged nature of the beings and situations... I don't know. Maybe I just haven't read it with the right mindset.

Me Fact #48
I don't drink alcohol. I don't see the point of it. I live in Ireland, there's more than enough alcohol consumers here to make up for me. I survive on Coca-Cola, water and the odd glass of orange juice.


WA_side said...

Could I please put my hand up for #48 - The March Hare?

I can't recall if we were supposed to leave any other info with the comment, but I can always email you at the end if commenting doesn't give you my details.

I don't drink alcohol either, though I have previously, but it's very rare now. I'm happy with that, but it would be nice if the rest of the world could cope with someone who chooses not to get plastered with them!

Jay Penn said...

I'll probably ask for details at the end of the 100 Heads, but you can email me them now if you like. My email address is on my 'About Me' page I think.
Oh, and, yes, this was is now reserved for you!