Jul 12, 2013

100 Heads in 100 Days #46 - King Jufflejaw

We are in the midst of an almost unprecedented heatwave here in Galway. The temperatures over the last five days have been climbing close to 30C each day, with no end in sight. Granted, that doesn't sound super warm by many other standards, but I swear 30C here is like 40C in Australia. It's darn hot. I don't cope well in heat like that. My brain gets fuzzy and there's nothing worse for an artist than having to draw with sweaty hands. And then there's the fact that I live in a caravan, which essentially is a large sardine can. So it's hot outside, but inside the caravan it is an oven.
But one must persevere as best one can...

100 Heads in 100 Days #46
King Jufflejaw
Me Fact #46
Some of my favourite movies are - Rushmore, Loch Ness (yes, the Ted Danson one), The Dark Crystal, Journey to the Centre of the Earth (pretty much any version of it), Troll Hunter, Legend, Despicable Me, Crumb, The Change-Up, Paul, Alien, Empire Strikes Back and Just Friends. I have some pretty corny taste, I know.

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