Jun 29, 2013

100 Heads in 100 Days #33 - Wigglug the Fairhorn Troll

A third of the way along!
The Galway Pub Scrawl 31 Day Drawing Challenge is beginning on Monday. As I mentioned not long ago, I am going to try and participate in it on the days where the challenges can be linked to my own 100 Heads in 100 Days challenge. So here are the 31 Day Drawing Challenges for this year, the ones in red are the ones I intend to do-

Day One - Portrait (not a self portrait)
Day Two - An Advertisement for you, doing what you want to do for a living
Day Three - Your Spirit Animal
Day Four - Quantum Worm
Day Five - Invisibility
Day Six - Trains/Railroads
Day Seven - Favourite Mythical Creature or God
Day Eight - Your idol, role model, hero or favourite person in History
Day Nine - Space(man)
Day Ten - Freedom
Day Eleven - Scenery/Landscape
Day Twelve - Internal organs in unusual situations/Unusual things as internal organs
Day Thirteen - (Transformer) Bugs
Day Fourteen - Tea Party
Day Fifteen - Under the bed
Day Sixteen - Make a mess!
Day Seventeen - Favourite Game Character
Day Eighteen - Something White, Purple, Pink and/or Black
Day Nineteen - Darkness
Day Twenty - Apes!
Day Twenty One - A sign of the Zodiac
Day Twenty Two - A cover for your favourite story as a child
Day Twenty Three - Space Pirates
Day Twenty Four - Bad Hair Day
Day Twenty Five - Summertime
Day Twenty Six - Favourite Actor/Actress in one of their roles and/or as a Zombie
Day Twenty Seven - Colouring In (http://www.supercoloring.com/)
Day Twenty Eight - Teach Something - a lesson in a picture
Day Twenty Nine - Master Copy
Day Thirty - Draw a Viking/Ninja/Wrestler/Cowboy
Day Thirty One - Anything you'ld like!

It's a pretty cool batch this year.  The ones I intend to do might change, and there might be a few not in red that I have a shot at. Anyway...

100 Heads in 100 Days #33
Wigglug, the Fairhorn Troll

Fairhorn Trolls are by far the most civilised of all Troll species. They can be found in most major towns and large villages. They are still considered a solitary species, but only in that they don't gather in groups and don't show any special preference or liking for others of their kind, but they are less likely to be found in the wild places of faerie.
Fairhorn Trolls are wonderful musicians and are often hired by nobles and other well-to-do faerie folk to perform at gatherings or as permanent court entertainment. Wind instruments are by far the most common instruments they use, especially the wood flute.

Me Fact #33
I appear to be a glutton for punishment.

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