Jun 27, 2013

100 Heads in 100 Days #31 - All about Trogres

I like to back the odd project over on Kickstarter. I've picked up a few things on Etsy too. I've received some pretty cool things, including a sweet Dice Ring and a lovely Cory Godbey book.
I'm pondering whether I could put a project together for a Kickstarter-like program myself at some point in the future. My initial thought is to do a Realms of Faerie bestiary of sorts, a kind of traveler's guide to my vision of Faerie and its inhabitants. It's the sort of thing I could do multiple volumes on.
I shall ponder it some more.

100 Heads in 100 Days #31
A Trogre (Troll-Ogre, not to be mistaken for a Ogroll- Ogre-Troll)

Trogres would appear to be some of the most dim-witted creatures in all of Faerie. They're not too pretty to look at either. Trogres roam the wilderness, shying away from any contact with other beings. Except for animals. A Trogre will always be in the company of at least a few animals. They seem to be able to sense that Trogres mean them no harm.
While a typical Trogre does appear to be incapable of communication through speech or any other means; in actual fact, they have a rudimentary telepathic ability that seems only to extend to animals. They can't carry on conversations with them, but they can express emotions and a limited number of words such as 'hungry,' 'flee' and 'welcome.'
Ogrolls, on the other hand, are wicked and malicious creatures, bent on harming animals whenever the opportunity arises. As a result, Trogres and Ogrolls are fierce enemies.

Me Fact #31
I vaguely recall my parents jokingly singing the song 'Dreamer' by Supertramp to me on several occasions when I was a wee lad. I have this tendency to drift off into my head a lot. I like to think it is my imagination drawing me in to my inner world, but it's probably just a short attention span coupled with low brain activity.

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