Jun 26, 2013

100 Heads in 100 Days #30 - The James Herriot way

Busy times ahead here, lots of drawing and painting to do.
I usually hit the hay at about 11pm or a little after that most nights, but I think that with the current workload, I'm going to have to start pushing on until 12pm just to ensure it is all getting done in a timely manner. I'm not complaining, mind; this is what I signed up for and what I knew would happen. Whenever my resolve gets a little wobbly though, I always think of one of my favourite authors, James Herriot. He managed to work as a vet on the unforgiving Yorkshire Dales back when living was a lot tougher than it is now. On top of that, he managed to find time to raise a family and write a bunch of internationally best selling books. The way I see it, if he can do all of that, I can handle my comparatively insignificant workload.
So, in the words of Michael Bluth, "put your head down and power on through."

100 Heads in 100 Days #30
Homp, a Hoddle Troll
The Hoddle Trolls are just about the nicest beings you could ever come across. They are known for helping lost travelers and protecting the weak. Hoddle Trolls generally like to live under Holloways or long forgotten hedges. They dig deep into the ground and build quite comfortable little dwellings for themselves. Hoddle Trolls tend to be solitary in nature. They can be rather frightening when one initially sees them, as their horns can get quite large and they have huge shoulders, but they have the eyes of a caring creature.
Tomorrow, the ancient Trolls get a turn!

Me Fact #30
Some days I am really grumbly. Most days I will be a little grumbly at some point. I am generally a happy fellow though, but outside influences get to me more than I would like. My parents brought me up to have manners and be considerate of others. So I don't cut in front of somebody and then walk/drive slowly. I don't go into a shop and put things back in different places from where I got them. I don't do anything noisy out of respect for neighbours and those around me. I speak politely. If I walk into a shop, I say hello to somebody before I ask them a question.
I wish Ireland had my parents to teach them manners...

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