Jun 24, 2013

100 Heads in 100 Days #28 - Faarmora, World Watcher Troll

Yep, these Trolls look suspiciously like Brian Froud's Mystics from one of my favourite movies, The Dark Crystal. I always liked the silhouette of them, so simple and unique. But these are just one of many sub-species of Trolls I have in my head. This species, which I tentatively named the Trow, are the most mystical of all Trolls.
I think I'll mix things up tomorrow with a different species of Troll.

100 Heads in 100 Days #28
Faarmora, World Watcher
There is a hill at the center of the Trow domain, surrounded by deep, dark woods. It is the Knowing Hill. At its peak is an oak tree of immense height and girth, its limbs twisting in all directions. This is the home of Faarmora, World Watcher. Every morning, Faarmora leaves his home within the hill and scales the winding stairs that cling to the oak's trunk like ivy. At the point where the branches fork out and the trunk ends, Faarmora sits all day and long into the night.
Faarmora sees all, knows all, feels all. The world from this height is like an immense crystal ball, and Faarmora can scry into it. His wisdom is unfathomed, his patience eternal.

Me Fact #28
I would love to be able to cook, but I couldn't be arsed and I'd probably suck at it anyway. My wife is great at it though. 
As a consolation, I'm a wizard with a vacuum cleaner and duster. That balances out doesn't it?

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