Jun 22, 2013

100 Heads in 100 Days #26 - Ordeth, Trune Maker Troll

Up in the little copse I mentioned a while ago, I've created a nice new winding off-shoot path that leads through deep rocks and thick ivy to a secluded spot where I've placed a chair. It's sheltered enough that all around me is green leaves and dark woods. Sometimes the dog follows me there and sits on my lap, but mostly it's just me, the trees and my thoughts. It's the sort of place I would go to read if I had the time to actually read, but most likely, going into the future, it will be a place to sit and sketch. There isn't a man-made object to be seen in any direction, so it's not difficult to imagine I am far away, in Faerie, waiting for a Troll to come along to converse with.

100 Heads in 100 Days #26
Ordeth, Trune Maker
Ordeth, Trune Maker is a traveling Troll. She walks the quiet woods, seeking out prominent stones and trees, on which she etches her Trunes (Troll-Runes). She welds word magic and spiritual shapes together to create a range of wards, signposts, meeting places, warnings and more.
Ordeth is one of the most spiritual Trolls around. Nobody knows who she is or where she hails from, she has simply always been. She is, in fact, a Troll deity. She stands outside of time and is an aspect of the great weaver mother.

Me Fact #26
I'm a firm Atheist. I have been spiritual in the past, but it has slowly turned into an adoration and worship of nature. There's no big god-creator involved. The way I see it, we're evolved organisms. Nothing more, nothing less. We just are. There's no meaning to life, nor is there much sanctity in life. We are born, we run around for a bit, then we die. This is not a sad thing, it's just the way it is, I think.

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