Jun 21, 2013

100 Heads in 100 Days #25 - Trolls!!!

A quarter of the way along!
Now that I'm hitting my stride with these heads, I want to try something different.

July for us Galway Pub Scrawlers means a 31 Day Drawing Challenge. I participated in it last year and had great fun with it. I intend to do it this year too, though with a twist. I will continue to do the 100 Heads in 100 Days, but where possible I will be merging the two challenges. So, for instance, if one of the 31 Day Drawing Challenges is something like a 'draw your favourite TV character,' I can easily tie that back to my own challenge. If, however, the 31 Day challenge throws up something like a 'dream house' or some other thing that would be difficult to represent in head form, I will revert back to just drawing a head of my own choosing as I have been since the beginning of my own challenge. Make sense?
More than likely, I won't be involved in each day of the 31 Day Drawing Challenge, but I will certainly endeavour to make as many of them head-based as possible.

But July is still another nine days away, which seems a perfect little window of opportunity for me to try something else out with these 100 Heads. So, for the remainder of June, I will be presenting a new Troll headshot each day. I've gone a little nuts into Trolls these days and there a few Troll stories whirling around inside my brain at the moment. So each Troll drawing will likely be accompanied with some back story and such to give you, gentle reader, a more detailed post.
So here's the first Troll off the rack...

100 Heads in 100 Days #25
Hergroth the West Bridge Keeper
Hergroth the West Bridge Keeper is the oldest of all of the Bridge Keepers. He has seen hundreds of winters and has grown heavy and slow. His eyesight is failing him and he can barely lift his club. He knows his days of flesh are coming to an end, he will turn to stone soon enough.
As West Bridge Keeper, it is his charge to choose and train his successor before he walks into the Mound Woods to take his place amongst the Stones.
But there is, like everything, politics involved. His new successor is from an influential family, and is completely incompetent. Time is running out for Hergroth to leave his post in the right hands. The Mound Woods are calling him...

Me Fact #25
I like to make things out of reclaimed wood. I make boxes and chairs and all sorts of things when I have the time and inclination. I especially like to make cut-to-fit boxes for things like books and art supplies.

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