Jun 16, 2013

100 Heads in 100 Days #20 - A Skyrim Spriggan

1/5th of the way there...
I picked up a copy of the Skyrim Legendary Edition last week. It is just so blasted good. I don't have the internet hooked up to my XBox 360, so I haven't been able to play any of the downloadable content or even get updates, so the Legendary Edition has huge chunks of new stuff for me.
I'm a huge fan of the Elder Scrolls games. I even lined up to get the Deluxe Edition of Skyrim on the day it came out. But I think I play the game for different reasons than the average player. Some folks are completists and have to get everything, win everything, own everything. Other beings are in it for the combat.
Me... well, I like the exploration side of the Elder Scrolls games. I like seeing spots from different angles and searching every nook and cranny. I do collect a lot of things (I enjoy the alchemy mechanism), and I get a kick out of the long range archery element, but I really just love following my eye in that world and seeing what comes around the corner.

Here's a headshot of a Spriggan, a nature spirit that I would just as soon not kill if I could...

100 Heads in 100 Days #20
Skyrim Spriggan
Me Fact #20
I'm right-handed, but left-footed. I swing a golf club left-handed though, just to confuse matters more.


Tim Shorts said...

Fantastic. It looks like a scary mask. I swing a gold club right-handed. But I don't think it would be much of a different result with my left.

Jay Penn said...

Reserved for Patrick Gavin.