Jun 11, 2013

100 Heads in 100 Days #15

The small copse of Hazel, Spindle and Ash that is a mere 100 meters from where I am right now is a constant source of delight to me. Each season brings its own magic to the woods; from the starkness of winter to the abundance and sheer explosion of green in May. The breeze shaking the leaves in October and the liquid yellow-green light as the sun sets on the long evenings of July.
Years ago, I established paths that weave through the trees and over the stones, each path giving its own perspective and feel. I have set up a few sitting spots, hidden from view and protected on several sides by haphazard piles of fallen branches and ivy.
Much like Ratty and his river in The Wind in the Willows, that little wood is never far from my mind and is often on it...

100 Heads in 100 Days #15
Me Fact #15
If I won a couple of million in the lottery, after setting up family and friends, I'd buy as much land as I could and plant trees and tell everybody to stay the hell out! I'd build the wife and I a big wooden house in the middle of one of those forests and construct a really high wall around the boundary. Ah, to dream...

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