May 23, 2013

Troll Witch

I often joke with a co-worker at the bookshop that I WILL NOT read a book unless it has a Troll in it (I'm hilarious, I am aware). She jokes back (more amusingly than I) that I have to assume that the Trolls are always there, even if they are not even alluded to.
I love Trolls. I love the renditions by such greats as Rien Poortvliet, Brian Froud, Paul Bonner, Alan Lee, Wayne Reynolds and John Bauer. I've read lots of books on them too, including the recent Sage Blackwood novel 'Jinx.'
It's something to do with the mystery of them that attracts me. The fact that they are mostly found in deep, dark forests and that they are elusive, shy creatures. Yes, they can be violent, horridly so, but I like to think of Trolls as mystical beings, spiritual even. And I love all of the wrinkles and warts and such, they're just great to draw.

So here is a piece I started last week at the Galway Pub Scrawl.

Herg the Troll Witch & her Fodger familiar
Watercolour, A4, US$50
I've been working on it here and there since, around other work. I haven't produced a watercolour piece in what feels like quite a while, so it was heaps of fun to get back to it. I did notice that my colour mixing has picked up a bit with all of the painting I've been doing. I'm trying out new colours and blends, finding what works and what definitely doesn't.
I should and bloody-well will mention that this piece is for sale. US$50 and she's yours. You can email me at if you'd like to buy it. First in, best dressed.

My next post will be the 100th for this blog. I'm planning on writing a more detailed biography for it. Not in a pretentious way, I promise...

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