May 28, 2013

The 100th Post

Yeppers, the big one-zero-zero.
I mentioned in the previous post that I wanted to do something special for this one. I've been ruminating on that idea for the last week now, with some spectacularly awful schemes coming to mind.
But then, just last evening, a good one popped up to say hello.

From this day, for the next 100 days, I am going to draw a head a day and post it here. 

I will try and vary each head as much as possible, and maybe experiment with different media on them too. Most of the heads will be humanoid (you can safely bet there will be a fair few Trolls, Goblins, Elves and Witches in there), but I may branch out into the animal world as well.

These headshots will also be for sale! Each piece will be pretty small in size, on a 6 x 4 inch, 160gsm piece of paper, and can be purchased for a paltry US$7 including P&H. That works out to about a buck for postage, another buck for the sturdy envelope and five bucks for the actual artwork. Surely a bargain!

To further bulk up each blog post here, I am also going to include a fact about me for those interested (probably just me).
These 100 posts will be on top of all of the other posts I plan on doing too, so it is going to be a busy summer around these parts.
Let's get to it shall we?

100 heads in 100 days #1
Taran of Prydain.
Me Facts #1
I read Lloyd Alexander's Prydain books every couple of years. I have the editions with the Brian Froud covers and love them to bits. I found the books 15-odd years ago in the Dandenong Ranges, my spiritual home. Part of the joy of reading them has to do with where I bought them.


Tim Shorts said...

Congrats on 100 Jay. Looks like you have a good 'head'start for the next one hundred. Wow that was so bad, but I couldn't help myself.

Jay Penn said...

You'll never get a'head' in life with puns like that!