May 22, 2013

Statistically Speaking...

Maybe I'm on my own with this one, but I find it oft-amusing to look at the statistics this blog produces as the days go by. Here's some of the fun things I have discovered.
  • If you type 'bad drawing' into Google Images, my picture of a stone gate is the first image shown.
  • My hobo troll drawing is pretty high up on the hobo image list too.
  • Jean-Baptiste Monge sends a lot of hits my way. I'm thankful to him for that.
  • A lot of people looking for Alan Lee art end up here. How disappointed they must be.
  • I'm huge in Germany... (not really)
  • I have been looked up on a Playstation 3 a total of 12 times.
  • People have bothered to look at my Biography Page a mere 134 times.
  • I average over 100 hits a day these days. My wife thinks that's awesome.
  • I sell about 2 piece of art a year through this site. That's not so awesome.
  • This is my 98th post. Perhaps I should do something special for the big 100.
I'll bring more fun and fascinating statistics to your eager attention when they reveal themselves to me.
Oh, and I should have that Troll Witch piece to show in the next few days, but you'll have to make do with this cowboy cartoon I doodled in the meantime...


WA_side said...

I don't get your stone gate anywhere visible in mine for the same search term, so google must have put that in specially for you!

Jay Penn said...

Hmm, it may well be a thing Google does, I'll check on my work computer too. What shows up as the first picture on yours?