May 17, 2013

Adventures Dark & Deep - Game Masters Toolkit Art

Joe Bloch has finished the laying out of the GM's Toolkit a couple of weeks ahead of schedule, so I get to show off the four images I produced for it now. Exciting, I know...

Mythos Campaign
Boots of Striding
Deck of Many Things
Robe of Eyes
I tried some new things with a few of these pieces. I attempted some more complex lighting schemes, as well as some different rendering techniques. Not a bad bunch, I think.

Now for the important details so that you can go get your copy of the book!

TITLE: Adventures Dark & Deep Game Masters Toolkit
FORMAT: Hardcover, Softcover & PDF
PRICE: US$24.95 - Hardcover
             US$14.95 - Softcover
             US$9.95 - PDF
              US$14.95 - Softcover & PDF
              US$24.95 - Hardcover & PDF

The various formats can be purchased over at RPGNow.

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