May 6, 2013

A muddy road

I had the day off today. After a few chores and pottering about, I picked up my trusty paint box and headed out into the world...
Backroads #1 - Acrylics on Mounting Board - 420 x 297
This is the first painting I have produced with my new easel set-up, the one with the paint box and its attachment to a camera tripod. It works really well.
I'm happy enough with this one. The mud is not bad, but the trees and a few areas are a bit yucky. But it feels as though I took a decent step forward today, and that is worth its weight in gold to me.
So what did I do different? Well, I didn't pencil in the composition for starters. Instead, I slapped around some heavily diluted paint and tightened it all as I went. Also, I worked up dark to light layers to create depth and tonal variation. I also only used a handful of colours - yellow ochre, a brown, a green, a blue and a white. I won't be doing that every time, this was more of an experiment in taking the challenge of colour away and concentrating on layout, value and layering.
As far as what I learned... Acrylics kinda suck. They dry way too quick, which can be good for some effects, but overall that is a pain. And the colours dry really flat and lifeless. I was planning on moving up to oils soon enough, but I think I might bring that forward to this week. I want that shine!
I have three days off next weekend, I'm planning to head out again if the weather permits.
Also, I should have some more Adventures Dark & Deep artwork to show once the book becomes available, which should be any day now.
See you soon.

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