Mar 3, 2013

Adventures Dark & Deep Players Manual

Well, after many long days and nights at the drawing board, my work for the Adventures Dark & Deep Players Manual is now complete. It was a whole bunch of fun to do, with a good mix of pieces produced. Here's what I created for it-

A Ranger - $50
Halflings - $50
Magic Resistance - $50
Weapons - NFS
Living Expenses - $50
Polymorph - SOLD
Assassin - $50
Dispell - $50
I can't wait to see the book when it is printed up. I was but one of a group of artists that produced pieces for the book, so it'll be great to see what everybody else came up with.
The best part is, Joe Bloch, the creator of this project, has asked me to produce yet more work for the next supplement, which will be the Game Master's Toolkit.

But for now, you can go and purchase the Aventures Dark & Deep Players Manual RIGHT HERE!
Here are the important bits-

TITLE: Adventures Dark & Deep Players Manual
FORMAT:Hardcover, Softcover & PDF
PAGES: 254
PRICE: US$9.95

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