Mar 22, 2013

A tack change

I enjoy reading blogs written by other artists, or even just blogs about artists. Doc Dave's Frazetta blog is fantastic, John Howe's is also really good. James Gurney is a god, Don Kenn never fails.

So I got to thinking, tapping the Carrie Bradshaw in me...
This blog of mine has been a place where I have really only ever put up new posts when I have had something finished to show, usually for a job. But I really want to post more things, both thoughts and illustrations. Part of that desire is to try and force myself to be more productive. Not that I'm lazy! Well, not very lazy... But I want to do at least a post a week, to talk about art, writing, what I'm working on, or whatever my fingers decide to type.
So let's begin, shall we?

Firstly, what I've been working on...
My computer is currently at the shop for repairs, so I am currently without various Adobe programs to scan and clean up pictures I've been creating, so you'll have to settle for descriptive text and the odd photograph instead.

I've been doing some plein air landscape painting lately. The first piece took a mere hour to do. I was happily painting away in a nearby field until the heavens opened up and it began to poor down. By this point, I had really only done the first base layer of the piece, which was a field shot with a scrubby briar and hazel copse to the right, when the rain started to come. Because I was working in acrylics, the paint began to run and blend quite alarmingly. So I hurried home, being careful not to let the paints run off the canvas too much. I popped the painting on a flat surface to let it dry, and wouldn't you know, it turned out great, it's like a Turner painting, I swear!
'Rain Painting' - Acrylic on Canvas Board - 16 x 12 - $50
My second attempt at a landscape painting didn't go so well, I'm afraid. The weather remained dry, but the paint wasn't doing what I wanted it to do at all. As a relative beginner in landscape painting, I'm trying to work with the balance of colour theory, style and scene interpretation. I have to think about every stroke I make, every colour choice, every element placement. But even if the result is bad, the act is very enjoyable. I enjoy painting. It seems I have been concentrating on black & white art for so long that this new setting is taking a little bit of time to get used to, it really is an entirely different art form, and it comes with a lot of baggage.

I've taken on a painting commission from a local fellow by the name of Kieran Murphy. I'll be painting a figure holding a few symbolic items, with several orb like elements hovering around the figure. We're still working out the nuts and bolts of it, but I think it is going to look pretty cool in the end. And he's a Skyrim fan.

I'm also working on the second batch of illustrations for Joe Bloch and Adventures Dark & Deep. I should have a finished piece or two done in the next few weeks.

And finally, I've been writing a lot lately too. My old story that I've never really had the time to work on too much has become a self-imposed priority. I'm about a third of the way through the first draft, but I want to see that completed by the end of May. So I'm going to just start churning out the chapters and get the story down. I'm looking at and considering several different approaches to dealing with drafts, but I imagine it will take quite a few to get the story to a nice, polished sheen. But again, the process is enjoyable, it's a children's fantasy world I love to immerse myself in, and I think there are some original things in there to show.

As soon as my computer is back and healthy, I'll scan in some things to put up here.

Back sooner than normal!

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