Sep 27, 2012

My first prints!!!!

Perhaps I am getting a little ahead of myself by doing this, but I've had some prints made up of the cover I did for Loviatar #9, featuring Morgan Stringman and his bow. It's probably the best single example of my pen and ink work.

So here's the print anyway...
Buy me or this arrow has your name on it.
And the deal is this, there is a very short run on them, only 25 individual prints. And they're for sale right now! I've set the price at US$10 a print, plus and extra couple of bucks for postage and handling, which will include the prints being shipped in those fancy envelopes that come with backing boards attached.

The print itself is A4 size (210 x 297mm, or 8 1/4 x 11 3/4 inches for the yanks.) It's printed on thick paper and the blacks are very nice.
So there's 25 prints up for grabs, at US$10 + US$2 for p&h. Each print will be signed and numbered by me too.

If by some small miracle there is a rush on the prints and I have more orders than I have prints to fill them, it is a case of first in best dressed... On your marks, get set, GO!!!

Oh, yeah, email me at if you'd like to buy a copy...

Sep 23, 2012

Clanthology is a go!

A couple of the guys from the Galway Pub Scrawl and I decided that we really must do a comic together at some point. So we did.

It made a debut a few nights ago at the Galway Cultural Night, where we exhibited some of our work as well at 091 Labs.
We are still waiting on a few more strips to come in before we get it properly bound and printed, and we have a logo and a few other things to work out, but it should be available soon. I'll be providing a free PDF of my 8-page contribution to the anthology a little while after the issue is out too.
But here's a sneak peak of some of the artwork I provided for the first issue...

More news on the anthology to follow!

Sep 19, 2012


I recently had the chance to get some colour on paper for a job. Here's the result...
Should have some more work to show very soon.

Sep 6, 2012

Loviatar #13

Hey all, I've been a bit quiet with the posting over the last month, but that is not due to me having nothing to show. Things are progressing nicely actually. I'm currently working on an illustrated story for a comic, and painting pictures for a card game too.
On top of that, I have my regularly gigs too, like Loviatar, #13 of which is out today. So here's what I did it for it. Firstly the cover...

And I did a couple of interior illustrations for it too...

Kevin Sorbo, or as close as I could get to him...

Alternate Earth Mona Lisa

With no fear of sounding like a broken record, you can go buy your copy of it right HERE!