Jul 6, 2012

31 Day Drawing Challenge - Day #6

Day 6 - Draw yourself as the opposite gender... I've been dreading this one.
I've been wracking my brain over the last few days, trying to think of a cool and witty way to represent myself as a female, but nothing good enough rose to the surface. So I just went with a quick portrait instead...
Be very afraid...

As I was drawing it, I was thinking of what I would be like if I were a woman. I concluded that I would be a surly, abrupt, grumpy, slightly portly, lesbain.
Looking forward to tomorrow's challenge, and I have the day off, so it should be more than just a mere sketch this time... see you then!

1 comment:

Christian said...

Oh my gosh, you, um, she may have to appear in an issue of the zine. That's a great illo!