Jul 5, 2012

31 Day Drawing Challenge - Day #5

Day 5... Master Copy. I was looking for a long time through a whole bunch of my books. Which master to choose from - Rien Poortvliet, Bart Sears, Arthur Rackham, Greg Staples, Kev Walker, Alan Lee, Brian Froud, Larry MacDougall, Jean Baptiste-Monge, John Bauer... Finally I settled on the great Jeffrey Catherine Jones to copy...

I fell in love with Jones' artwork a good 15 years ago. I think it began when I bought a booster box of one of his card sets on the cheap. Since then, I've tracked down some of his gorgeous book covers and have the Idyl and Sketchbook books, which I treasure. He/she was just so good with whatever he/she turned his/her hand to.

It was so sad the day Jones passed away. Such a troubled talent.

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