Jul 28, 2012

31 Day Drawing Challenge - Day #28

Day 28 - Draw 4 images of a character aging...

I am by no means a computer gamer. Quite far from it, actually. I can go months and months without turning on a console, no problem.
But saying that, there are three game franchises I love entirely to death. The Fable games by Lionhead Studios, The Elder Scrolls games by Bethesda Studios, and the old Playstation 1 games called MediEvil. I'm batty about those games, for varying reasons...
Fable: I just love the entire feel of those games, they have a whimsical quality that suits my own views of the fantasy genre. And they're British! Which, to my mind at least, is the true home and source of Fantasy. The soundtracks by Russell Shaw are gorgeous too.
The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and Skyrim are the best examples of open world rpg's out there. The scope and detail of them allows one to spend literally 100's of hours just exploring. Believe me, I've done it, 100's of hours... Again, the soundtracks are fantastic, some of the very best atmospheric orchestral pieces to be found, all by Jeremy Soule.
MediEvil: A really quirky couple of games, these. Imagine if Tim Burton was a game designer instead of a writer/director. MediEvil is what you would get. Once more, the music is brilliantly conceived.

Back with some doodles tomorrow.

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