Jan 10, 2012

Fragments draws to a close

Well, the 13th Chapter of Fragments went up just yesterday.
I made the decision a few months ago to not return for the further 26 Chapters if we were to win and be asked back. Well, we did win the competition, and Fragments will return in February, but not with me at the artistic helm.
There are several reasons why I decided not to return...

Firstly, the next stage of the webcomic lasts for 26 weeks. That's half a year. Considering how much time was required to put out a page of the webcomic each week (usually about 40-50 hours), this would be a massive undertaking on my part. Not that I have a fear of taking on big projects, far from it. But working on Fragments would continue to be an unpaid job, and that is a lot of work and an extensive amount of time for no pay.
I feel I'm at a point in my career where I can start bringing in a little bit of money for my artwork. Be it in the form of commissions, a comic or two, whatever, I think it is time I start making a living, albeit a mere scratching out of a living, through art.
So I felt that I simply couldn't commit a whole 26 weeks to something that wouldn't bring in any money, when I could be looking for paying jobs in the meantime.

Secondly, prior to accepting the Fragments gig, I had a few story ideas that were looking very promising, but obviously had to be put on hold. I've been yearning to get back to those stories and to see where they go. My buddy Gordon and I have promised each other that we would do a comic together, and that is something I definitely intend to do this year.
I also have a few novel ideas I need to get moving on. I have a children's chapter book in the works, which I want to start shopping around to publishers by the end of the year. This book would be illustrated by me, of course.

So it is with a heavy heart that I leave Fragments, but with an excited turn to what the future holds.
I really think 2012 will be a big year...


christian said...

I understand 100%. I was showing my wife your work on Fragments and she said, "That must take a ton of time." She has no art background, but even she could see the effort required to sketch, ink, color and photoshop each panel.

I hope that 2012 sees quite a bit of commission work coming your way. D&D 5e was announced yesterday. if that game is released under an Open Gaming License, there will be tons of publishers looking to fill their pages with line art that commands anywhere from $15-$35 per illustration. It was a freelance heyday when D&D 3x was rolling along several years ago.

Fingers crossed for a bountiful 2012!

Jay Penn said...

That sounds as though it could be an option, for sure.
I think Loviatar 7 is going to be a very successful issue for both of us. Have you ever done single article issues for any of your zines before?

christian said...

Hey Jay,

A few years ago I dedicated an entire issue to a fantasy city called "The Freecity of Haldane." That 20 page article has ballooned to 48. The most recent incarnation has been edited. It could use a new cover illo., but as soon as that's done, it could be sold from the Loviatar website. I was thinking of factoring a buck or two into the cover price, and send those funds directly to you as a way to get you some cash for your work on Loviatar. We can chat about it in e-mail later. :)


WA_side said...

Yep, agree with Christian, can see where you're coming from completely. Really enjoyed the series though, so will miss your illustrations.

Not sure if I've mentioned 1889.ca before, but they are an independent publishing house and publish both online and some print through various outlets. They don't place limits on what they publish, except that it has to be quality.

The site is MCM's baby, but AM Harte (Anna) and Terra Whiteman handle a lot of the details these days. They are all great people to boot (I am a definite fangirl).

If you are building up a list of publishers to check out, drop them a line.

WA_side said...

Fragments appears to have disappeared now, as I haven't seen the 2nd series in my feed reader since the 3rd (or 4th) instalment.

It certainly didn't have the same punch, in my opinion, without your artwork. I'd love to see it continue though, so wondered if it was the sort of project that might get funding via Kickstarter?

Just an idea ...