Jan 29, 2012

Commission me!

That's right folks, I am available for commission work!
To expand on what the above flyer says, I am now accepting commission work on a wide variety of subjects and genres. The flyer is geared more to the fantasy gaming community, but I am also happy to work in the fields of...
comics (character designs and such, not actual sequential work at this time)
children's book illustration
general fantasy art
book illustration and heaps more.

As for the media, I can offer a wide variety of approaches, including...

pencil (that would be grey lead pencil depicting tone and such)
pen & ink (like a comic is inked)
ink wash (greyscale inks with tone and highlighting)
watercolour (in full colour)
ink & digital colouring (like a comic again, but coloured like a comic too)
oils (full colour painting)

I'm not the sort of person to set ridiculous prices for these commissions, or to set in stone a price for each type. What I like to do is discuss with the 'client' what they have in mind and try and work out a price that suits us both from that. I believe in fairness and giving the person a piece that comes as close to what they originally envisioned as is within my power to do, at a price that is reasonable and worthwhile for both of us.

So drop me a line at giantkillerjay@yahoo.com.au if you are interested and I'm sure we can come to an arrangement.

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