Oct 29, 2011

Heroes + Henchmen

Hello again!
As promised, I have one last item to show you all, this time with pictures to show. For a few weeks now, my buddy Gord and I have been providing comic character profile illustrations for the awesome website, Heroes + Henchmen. I do recommend popping over to see some very interesting takes on hereos and villains. Gord has produced the artwork for Tritops and Octopod so far, and I've drawn these two guys up to this point -

The site is set up for those folks who are perhaps wanting to create a portfolio to send to comic publishers with the aim of gaining employment. So any of the characters on this site can be used by anybody, as long as they give the site credit, don't profit from it and all changes they make to the characters therein are public domain.
This can be a hugely helpful site for artists in particular. If an artist were in the process of creating a portfolio, they will ordinarily need to produce a 5-page story, in pencils, inks, or whatever. But if they were going to use established comic characters from, say, Marvel Comics, the story they create would really only be good to send to the actual Marvel Comics company. If one were to send this story, featuring Spider-Man, Wolverine, or whoever, over to the folks at DC... well, it probably wouldn't do one any favours. So the artist would normally draw another 5-page story featuring DC characters to be sent to DC. But then there's Dark Horse Comics to do, and a whole swag of other companies to consider.
But what if there were a place that had a huge pile of characters to use, who weren't restricted to the usual copyright protection and who were, essentially, designed with the portfolio creator in mind?
Heroes + Henchmen is set up for just that! You can take any character you want, change them to what you want, write them however you want, draw them however you want, without fear of legal ramifications, providing you apply the rules that apply.
This could save the aspiring comic artists literally months of time, as they could just provide one 5-page story and send it off to any comic producing company they please. No need to cater every single submission's artwork to the specific publisher in mind.
Genius, I tell you, genius.
So go check it out gang, and look for more artwork by Gord and myself on the site, coming soon!

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