Jul 17, 2011

5-Page Comic story

Yes, it has been a long time since I've posted any new artwork on this blog, but I've been busy with a few projects away from the drawing board. But I have recently produced five pages of comic artwork that I can now show here.
The story for this comic was written by my good friend, Gordon Mackay, who some of you may recall is a longtime art challenge companion of mine. We like to set each other little challenges to help develop our portfolios and further our artistic skills. This comic story certainly did develop my skills, further than I thought it would.
You see, though I have been reading comics since I was very young, and have drawn many comic heroes along the way, I have never produced a completely pencilled and inked comic page in the past, let alone 5! So this was something of a first for me - the art of graphic storytelling.

Here are the pages...

Not too bad for a first crack at the old comics drawing thing.

And I'm pretty much straight onto the next challenge, which will have more updates here as I go along. It's a challenge I've very much been looking forward to, because it is 4 glorious weeks of TOLKIEN. So look out for some hobbits, elves, goblins and who knows what else I'll get around to drawing!

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