May 27, 2011

Mugsy 1995-2011

I shall never stroll along those lake-side walks
without a thought, nor a tear, for you.


WA_side said...

Commiserations on your (family's) loss Jay. It is so hard to lose a four legged family member, and society doesn't recognise the grief that it brings very well.

Rest in peace Mugsy.

Jay Penn said...

Thankyou WA, what you say is very true; how can one not feel great loss for a friend that has been part of your life for 16 years. We went on walks together, napped together, read books together, played games. He was a family member from his first day with us until his last, and he will be mourned as such. And I for one see nothing unnatural about that, and I'm glad that somebody else does too!