Dec 4, 2010

Card art

I'm hoping to do at least one illustration for a new card game by these guys in the UK. I haven't got much of a brief to go on at this stage, but I've done a few sketches to get me going anywho.

I've always wanted to draw for fantasy-based card games like Magic: The Gathering, so this is sure to be fun! I'll keep you posted with works in progress as I move along.

Here's a few more thumbnails for possibly the same character, or maybe a different, but similar, one.

And one of them a little more refined-

And now pretty much done -

Unless the client requires any changes on it...

Nope, that one was approved. So it's on to the next one, whose character is similar enough to the previous one to warrant a pinch of re-hashing of already done roughs, plus some new ones.

We'll see where it goes from here.

And here's a few sketches for different cards-