Nov 13, 2010

Monster Blood Tattoo

Wow, it's been a while, my apologies! I've been as busy as a very busy bumble-bee over the last few months, with barely a second to do any drawing of my own.
But I have been thinking a lot about drawing, and this here blog in particular. I've been reading a bit lately, some good books, some disappointing ones, but I had an idea that I think is pretty cool. What if I were to illustrate a scene or character from the books that I'm reading? Yep, that IS a cool idea!

So I'm re-reading one of my favourite books at the moment, the series is called 'Monster Blood Tattoo,' written by fellow Australian, D. M. Cornish. The first book in the series is called 'Foundling,' and it is just a beautiful book in soooo many ways.
Anywho, here is one of the critters from the book, who is only in it for a handful of pages, but he is visually interesting and wholly worthy of a rendition, I think. Here he is-

I'll be reading more of this series over the next couple of weeks (the third book just came out last month), and I'm sure to draw from the book for more illustrations along the way.

For those interested, D. M. Cornish's blog is linked to under the 'Sites I like' list to the right. Check it out, he has a really quirky approach to writing and illustration.


matt jackson said...

I loved the first two books but the third have been sitting in my kindle for over a year now and I just cannot get into it.

Kelly Dickinson said...

If you were highly immersed in the book's universe for two-thirds of the story then you simply owe it to yourself to finish it.

I, personally, wish there were more to follow.It's as if the world portrayed is a veritable cornucopia of information and yet we've only scratched the surface throughout three books.

Necro'd like a bamf.