Aug 27, 2010

ImagineFX Weekly Challenge #191

This weeks's challenge is to do an orthographic 3-view design of Magnus, Dragon Slayer. Just up my alley, especially now that I have an awesome Wacom Bamboo tablet thanks to my old pal, Gordon Mackay!

So here's my first work in progress, with just the front and back views so far, and not much in the way of final details. I've been concentrating on getting my own style of anatomy across, and the tiny head is another of my own stylistic points.

Aug 17, 2010


My buddy Gordon and I are in the process of designing a console fantasy RPG , somewhat for the fun of it, but possibly to take it a step further, if all goes well. I'll not go into any details of it just yet, but we think we're on a winner!
So we're still at the very early stages at the moment, still fleshing out the story and tentatively designing the major characters for the game, and this is the first one I've finished-

His name is Doomsayer and he's a bad guy, but that's all I'll say about him. I'm going to do a few more different poses for him from different angles, to better put across his appearance than can be seen in just this image. But I'm pretty happy with him at this stage, I must say. And, obviously, his name and likeness are now copyright and all that; so don't go stealing him, you hear!?!?

Aug 10, 2010

ImagineFX Weekly Challenge #188

Well, after last weeks challenge and my rather disasterous voting tally, I thought I might have another go at it.
This weeks challenge is to design a character, namely a Kreen Gladiator, a species that is kinda like a reptilian/roman/futuristic.

So here's the pencils for it-

And here it is with some colour-

And a little more-

And finally, here it is complete-

Aug 2, 2010

ImagineFX Weekly Challenge #187

Hey folks, long time no write-y. I have been busy with a couple of projects over the last little while, and things are going well. One thing I have been trying to do is get back into some Photoshop painting, which I never really gave a proper go at.

There's a really cool magazine called ImagineFX that I've been reading on and off for a few years now, and their website has some great forums and really intersting contests.

So this is my first go at one of the challenges, this one in particular has the description of 'The final night of the round table. I'll be adding a few progress images, but here are the pencils for it for now.

And here is the piece a little further along...

And further-

And here it is finished...ish.