Apr 11, 2010

Stretching the limits

Here are a few new experimental pieces I produced today.The first is a piece created with the idea of testing the limits of what a 0.05 pen can do. I wanted to get an idea if producing a scene with solely the finest pen I own would be successful or not. I think it is pretty clear that line width variation adds depth and focal points, things I believe this drawing does not have. But still, that is what experimentation is for and the lesson has definitely been learned. Oh, and I popped a little faerie in there just for good measure.

This next piece is another experiment to see if I'm capable of producing a good landscape with just a single colour, in this case burnt sienna in ink form. This is by no means a finished piece, more a rough study than anything else. I used a variety of painting implements on this, including various brushes, a toothbrush, moss, a flower and a sponge, just to mix up the foliage more than anything else. I also added a bit of highlighting with my new white ink pen, just to create a bit of contrast and layering. Again, not a very successful piece, I feel. The single colour idea is probably achievable, but I'd rather play around with colour and light with a full pallette. Still, another lesson learned.

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