Apr 16, 2010

Stone Study

I have a lot of planned paintings in the works at the moment, but I am trying to push up my watercolouring skills as much as possible before I start on any of these pieces. I've never really had any formal training with watercolours, so I'm sort of stumbling upon techniques as I go along. The reason I haven't just jumped into these pieces is because several of them are what I consider portfolio-worthy pieces, and I would rather produce them to a quality that I am happy with rather than do the work, produce the scene, use up that particular inspiration and not be happy with the result. The way I look at these particular scenes in my head is somewhat different to how I look at other work. For instance, with a story, you can write it, re-write, edit, patch up and generally polish it up to a point you are happy with. With my view on art and watercolours specifically, this same approach is not always possible, or desirable in this case. I do not want to have to re-paint an entire scene, because the original spark for it will have been used up on the first attempt.

Am I making sense? To simplify the whole thing I guess I would say that I am not technically proficient enough to produce a watercolour piece to the standard I would be happy with yet, and do not want to waste a scene I consider worthwhile of waiting on by painting it prematurely.

Saying that though, apart from the watercolour technical work I have been practising, I am still working on other projects with other media. I have a few ink-line pieces in the offing and still hop out into the field to play around with other styles and techiques. For instance-
I drew this particular item yesterday, with a Nut Brown ink used as both a wash and line. The line detail was drawn on with a quill pen as an attempt to move on from the unvaried line of a techical pen that I am more accustomed to using. I think it is a step forward...

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