Mar 26, 2010

New beginnings...

Any of you who may have come across my Blog in the past, will note, perhaps with alarm, that all of my past posts are gone.
That is because I have turned a corner in my artistic endeavours. You see, for many, many years, I have jumped from one artistic genre to the next, normally comics, fantasy and illustration in an ever-circling ride. But I have decided to go with my first great love- illustration, and in particular, faerie illustration. I have had a keen interest in Faerie lore since a very young age, probably about 4-5. Most of the books I own are Faerie related, I have my own Faerie novel in the works, and if I just let my pencil do what it wants on a page, a Faerie will invariably appear.
So I have waved goodbye to the world of comics, and to fantasy to a certain extent, and plan to concentrate on traditional book illustration, with a slant toward Faerie.

I hope you will join me on this new endeavour, and to give you an idea of what I'm getting at, below is a page from my sketchbook created this very day!

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