Mar 31, 2010

More sketchbook work

Here are the results from this afternoons sketchbook work. Included are our dog (top right), an Elf Guard, a couple of giants, some painting ideas, and ogre and a Dwome. What the heck is a Dwome? Well, it's another of my creations. A Dwome is half Dwarf, half Gnome. I have numerous other mixed race faeries, including Dwolls (Dwarf-Troll), Gnolls (Gnome-Troll) and even a nasty Triant (Troll-Giant).
I'm hoping to get a proper painting going in the next few days, just waiting for a couple of hours of nice weather to do some painting 'in the field.' I have a spot picked out for the Rock Tinkerer piece that is thumbnailed above, with the little goblin-like guy in greater detail below it.
I'm very much looking forward to having a go at a watercolour piece with natural scenery involved, though the prospect of drawing it is pretty daunting.

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