Mar 29, 2010

Doodles and Tests

Here's another page from the sketchbook. The fellow on the left with the long ears is a creation of mine, he's sort of like a guardian faerie for all of the Hares all of the world. He cares for them and protects them where he can. I have envisioned several of these sorts of beings for various animals, including the European Badger, Fox, Red Squirrel, etc. They somewhat resemble the animals they protect, and share some of their traits. For instance, the Hare Guardian is very timid and fleet of foot, the Badger Guardian loves digging holes and honey.
There are also some of my usual sketchy characters- gentlemen with robust beards, unusual noses, prominent brows... the little green guy is a goblin-like character. Just doodles mostly, but some are the beginnings of ideas for proper paintings.

I went walking yesterday, armed with a sketchbook I bought several years ago made of 100% Recycled Paper, by Daler-Rowney. I've never really tried it out until yesterday, and I'm pretty happy with the results. The paper, despite it's appearance, is very smooth and lends itself, due to it's colour, to a few ideas I have knocking around, more of which will be revealed at a later stage. I also got the chance to try out my new toy, a ballpoint pen with permanent white ink in it! It is called the Uni-ball Signio, is cheap, and awesome! It allows you to create simple highlighting incredibly easily and I'm sure I'll be using it lots in the future, so much so that I'm going to stock up on it this week.
Anyway, as I was walking along, I saw this tree on the edge of a stonewall, backing on to a nice little wood. The tree itself looks to be on it's last legs. There are buds growing on the tips of the branches, but it seriously looks as though one strong gust of wind would knock the whole tree down. But it is an interesting little tree, with ivy at it's base and moss growing on the trunk, with some great twists and turns along the trunk. I couldn't help but draw it.

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